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Lebenese culture

No Comments24 November 3:33

Lebanon has a very diverse people from different arab backgrounds and religions. Its primary religious groups include Shia Muslim, Christian, Suni Muslim and Druze among others. It’s official languages are Arabic and French although most universities are either English or French. Armenian is also a language that is widely understood and spoken. The Lebanese dialect is very different from those in other countries, thus Arabs from the Middle-East and Africa also read and write a modern standard Arabic which is common between them.

Lebanese cuisine is very different from that in Canada as far as ingredients and the way they are served. Traditional meals served in both restaurants and in homes usually begin with a variety of appetizers called mezza. This usually includes tabouli, hummus, and different dips and salads. The main dish of different meats and/or fish is then served. Meals are usually a long affair with friends and family and are followed by Lebanese coffee which is served in concentrated cups much like espresso.
Mostly in villages, drinking coffee with friends and neighbors is a tradition that is a part of everyday life. It is a sign of politeness and respect to visit ones relatives as often as possible for coffee. Family is a priority in Lebanese society and a lot of importance is placed on respect for others and your elders; although social customs such as greetings require a level of respect towards even strangers.

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